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Quick and easy breakfast recipe - cottage cheese muffin

Enjoy the Sweet, with no guilt!
Who has time for a 'bake it from scratch' recipe - specially in weekday morning? I always look for some shortcuts in recipes I like, here is one of my favorite concoction. This muffin is great combination of taste and nutrition - a must try recipe.

If you aren't a good baker, you may have hard time in baking recipes. When it comes to "bake it from scratch", I am nervous, too. I am not a big fan of cakes, still I enjoy some of the baked recipes.

This is not a regular muffin recipe, you will be glad you came across this recipe adventure. Egg  and cottage cheese provide good amount of protein you need to keep you going all day along with calcium. Add some chopped walnuts for additional protein and good fat.

Once I had a pistachio muffin at my work cafĂ©, from local bakery. Not being a big fan of cakes-cupcakes and being in favor of home made meals over the ready to eat - store brought, I was hesitant to try it.

Surprisingly, it was not so m…

How to trip Florida - a tropical destination, best possible way!

Holistic health means both physical and mental aspects of life factor in person's overall health and wellness and are closely connected. Thus mental fitness is as well important as physical health. Yes, any trip or amazing vacation gives a change, a most needed break from your hectic schedule. It gives a boost to your mental fitness. 

          As any trip requires descent walking - you get good exercise, your pedometer may read over 15 miles! If that trip is well planned you sure will have lifetime memories to cherish on top of health benefits. 

          Due to long winters in northern America, kids are ready to grab any chance to get out in nature and explore. What is your favorite winter destination in USA? - I am sure it is Florida! Tropical weather, long beaches, wonderful shopping outlets and wild life to amusement parks - Florida has something for every one in your family!
          I know you want to get more out of your money, when it comes to trip and tour - you …


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