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3-ingredient breakfast recipe - quick and easy omelet!

Avocado Omelet- quick & easy breakfast          Every weekday morning is rush morning for me. Getting kids ready for school bus on-time is not less than driving a race car for me! I need a good breakfast to keep me going on that race track, obviously I have no time for that. My breakfast not only need to be quick recipe, but also needs to be healthy. I can not munch on junk food in morning. So, I keep experimenting with my breakfast recipes: to make them quicker and healthier.

          After reading all about avocado nutrition value, I did try it couple times - was not that crazy about the taste though. I felt avocado taste is very subtle - so easily can add up to other favorite dishes.While experimenting with avocado, I came up with this three ingredient wonderful breakfast recipe - which can be prepared within 10 minutes.

     Beat one egg in a bowl, add 2 tbsp of cottage cheese (drain the liquid out) and grate or mesh avocado in. Add pinch of salt and pepper, mix well. Heat the …


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