Bananaless green smoothie - a must for anemia or ulcer sensitivity! - BiaWell

Do you want to try an yogurt free smoothie? Or banana free blend? Or even have an ulcer sensitive stomach? Not a problem. Here is a tasty and nutritious smoothie recipe loaded with protein, iron, calcium, vitamin C and good fat. I am sure it will satisfy your taste bud, take care of your daily nutrition requirement and will take you step closer to your complete wellness.

     What is complete wellness? It is living healthy, being fit and stress-free - only than you will be able to explore what your life has to offer. First thing comes in mind is health - there is a quote in my language: "Your real wealth is your own health". 
     However busy you are, you must spare at least 45 minutes for your fitness routine per day. Same rule applies to health routine - you will think what is it? Yes I call it - my health routine. You should spend some minutes for your home prepared snacks and lunches. It includes: making your own coffee to smoothie bowl for lunch, washing your fruits…


As blog name suggests: BiaWell - means Be well like Bia, a Greek Goddess of Health and strength. This blog will be updated frequently with tips on healthy recipes, fitness and travel.
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